Welcome Home…


I’m Miquela de Ris

I am here as a Catalyst

For your rebirth and rejuvenation.

I hold a vision of you  Thriving,

Loving your Sacred Body Temple,

Feeling totally connected with all that is.

I see you being Happy here on Earth,

Living like you’re meant to, on Purpose,  Now…

I see your beauty, from the Inside~Out

Radiating in all the directions…

I want everything good for you.

I want it from the place in me that overflows…

Washing and healing through knowing, seeing, being,

Until all that is false~falls away,

Leaving us lying in dustful splendor beyond compare!

Let’s claim it together~ shall we?

I am Happy~ I am Healthy~ I am Whole

I am Beautiful~ I am Bountiful~ I am Bliss

I am That~ I am God~ I Am


In the Holy most I Am ~

Miquela de Ris CCH Certified Colon Hydrotherapist

Located at Oliana Dr, Pahoa, HI:

Or call 808 825 3684