Miquela offers two of the best and most gentle therapy modalities to gently restore gut flora, help with weight loss and emotional well-being, and increase intestinal-health and nervous system function. On a physical level, her work consists of colon hydrotherapy paired with gentle abdominal massage. However, deeper levels of work, including the spiritual and psychological, can and often do occur on the hydrotherapy table.

Check out our About or FAQ pages if you’re curious about what colon hydrotherapy involves; then, if you feel ready to get started, head over to Prices and Preparation. As many clients who have had this kind of therapy will attest, to attend regular colon hydrotherapy means to embark on a profound journey to greater health, longevity and well-being:

“I feel completely trusting of Miquela. She’s extremely gentle and responsive to the client. I feel like a lot of my fears fade away when I’m in-session with her. She has a real capacity to meet people where they are and take them to a place that’s more open, spacious, and safe: her therapy truly works on multiple levels, not just physicality.”

– S. D.