Is colon hydrotherapy safe?
Yes colonics are safe! Not only are they safe, but they are wonderful and gentle and will leave you feeling radiant. A colonic can be safely administer every 24 hours. In a Gravity Method Colon Hydrotherapy session the colon is retrained to work better on it own while simultaneously cleansing and clearing out years of build up. If you are able to do a home enema then you can safely get a Gravity Method Colonic.

Are colonics painful?
We believe the body works best when relaxed and comfortable. When we are in harmony with your body, we get the best results. For this reason we make sure that your colonic experience can be as enjoyable as possible. We listen to your body and work with your breath, and although there can be intense sensations during a release, similar to that of gas, we will always aim to keep you comfortable during your treatment. Check out our Preparation page for more information on how to best support the elimination process. Remember hydration is key!

What benefits can I expect from colon hydrotherapy?
Expect transformation on every level! What you do to support your elimination and digestion will ripple out to all parts of your body~mind hologram. Deep healing occurs on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels as the colon walls are cleared of stagnation and blockage. This is why I love this work, for I truly get to witness each client waking up to their potential. Although the beginning of this process can feel intimidating, in the afterwards of treatment, one often feels similar to having received reiki or another healing modality. For a list of more physical benefits check out our About page.

Will Colonics Damage the Normal Intestinal Flora?
No. One of the functions of the first half of the intestines is to house the intestinal flora needed for the colon.  The intestinal flora is disturbed when feces accumulates in the bowel creating encrustation. This allows unfriendly flora to proliferate affecting normal function of the colon, resulting in constipation and/or diarrhea. This also upsets the normal PH balance in the intestines.  Cleansing the colon can help bring the acid/alkaline ration back into balance.  In this environment, the friendly bacteria will again thrive and disease causing bacteria will find it difficult to develop. That said, we are huge supporters of probiotics and prebiotics through live foods, and we recommend them as a part of any dietary plan.

How is the equipment sanitized?
Certified Woods Hygienic Therapists are trained to sterilize all equipment after each use. All tubing is changed and all surface areas are sanitized. We use a three step sterilization process in accordance with the Woods Institute protocols that ensures the client and therapist are protected. First we do an antimicrobial soap and hot water wash, then a high grade hydrogen peroxide soak and lastly a pressurized heat sterilization. It is always beneficial to know that the therapist is trained by the Woods Hygienic Institute  to ensure that the correct protocol of sterilization is used.

What are the contraindications?
Colon Hydrotherapy, like most health treatments, is accompanied by certain contraindications of when it may not be advisable to perform the treatment. If you have any of the contraindications from the list below, it is up to you and your primary health care provider to decide if colon cleansing should be avoided at this time.

  • Abdominal Hernia
  • Acute Crohn’s Disease
  • Acute Ulcerative Colitis
  • Carcinoma of the Rectum
  • Cirrhosis
  • Congestive Heart Failure
  • Diverticulitis
  • Epilepsy or Psychological Disorders
  • History of Seizures
  • Intestinal Perforation
  • Kidney Insufficiency
  • Pregnancy
  • Recent Heart Attack
  • Recent Surgery
  • Rectal or Abdominal Tumor
  • Severe Fissures or Fistula
  • Severe Hemorrhoids
  • Uncontrolled Hypertension
  • Vascular Aneurism

How Many Colonics Do I Need?
The number and frequency of how many colonics a person needs depends upon their current health condition and their individual goals. Generally a minimum of 13-15 sessions is recommended in the first 2 months followed by a maintenance plan of one session every few months or one with the change of every season. We like to support each individual to go at their own speed, for their own evolutionary process. The reason colonics are done in a series is because the results become more and more profound as you go,

What else is available at Happy Healthy Whole?
We are happy to offer to the community a healing space for free monthly Rawlucks, as well as classes and workshops on topics such as conscious relationship, moon cycles, kriya yoga, puja ceremonies, chanting, raw~living food demos, cleansing, and the most epic lending library!

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