Who am I?

Who am I is my favorite question. For I feel it can take us from the beginning until the end. I love unravelment and Shiva is my good friend. So what I am about to share with you are all things I have discovered ‘I am not’ neti neti (not this not this).

My given name at birth is Miquela Elana Elliott de Ris. And my later given name by my beloved satguru Sri Ganapati Sachidananda Swamiji is Vasudha meaning Mother Earth.

I am here as a catalyst and as a spiritual midwife, birthing in the new~old Way. Not through mastery mind you, but through my Love of the process, and through my full~hearted willingness to face fear, my own and others, while staying rooted in Source. This excites me.

I have lived around the world my entire adult life, attending Earth school, reconnecting the grid of my own consciousness and gathering my constellation. I believe we can all find the freedom to Be what we Love.

My journey starts (as many do) with a sick suffering body. Existence was painful and the last thing I wanted to do was be~embodied. A couple near death experiences, awakenings and the grounding forces of partnership and motherhood brought me a little closer. But it wasn’t until I discovered my true purpose (the I Am Earth Project) that I started to feel the juiciness of life and began to heal physically.

With love of life blossoming, the force of Shakti was unstoppable in me and has created all that you see here now… Colonics, Raw~Living lifestyle, consciousness retreats, freeing birth, healing death, building community bridges, couples workshops. On and on… I say Yes!

Thank you for journeying with me. I love you. I am you. And I will keep asking “Who am I?”